Facts About Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs infestations have returned with a vengeance!  Major metropolitan areas around the nation are experiencing an alarming growth of reports of bedbugs.  Because of their biology and behavior they are extremely difficult to control.  Here are some basic facts about bedbugs and why they are so hard to control.

  • They are nocturnal and exhibit a shy behavior during the daytime.  This usually makes them hard to detect until the infestation has grown to an alarming level.
  • They are thigmotactic – meaning they like to squeeze into tight spaces.  This means they will hide in every crack and crevice available within a structure.
  • Egg to adult development ranges from 5 weeks to eight months.  This means traditional pest control programs will not eliminate them.
  • Their lifespan ranges from six months to 1.5 years.  They can even go dormant and reappear months later.
  • Females lay eggs in batches from 10-50 and can produce up to 500 during their lifespan.  This means uncontrolled population can grow rapidly and exponentially
  • They cement their eggs in cracks, cervices, and wall voids.  This increases the survival rate of the eggs by protecting them from common treatment methods
  • They can go without feeding for up to 140 days.  This can give a false indication of control due to a lack of reported bites.
  • They travel very well within wall voids.  This makes room-to-room movement very likely and increases the difficulty of attaining elimination.
  • Pets, rodents, birds, and bats can act as hosts.  This increases the likelihood of infestation and could make the infestation increasingly mobile.

These are just a few of the facts that make the resurgence of bedbug infestations so alarming.  Hole In One Pest Solutions is a bedbug elimination expert.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones is a 21 year industry veteran, with experience in management, sales and being a pest control technician. After a successful career in three of the largest termite and pest control companies in the southeast, he realized his dream of starting his own business. Now his years of knowledge and expertise are used to provide the high-quality pest control services Hole-In-One is known for.