Fall Temperatures Bring Fall Pest Invaders

Centipede Pest Solutions

The maple trees are reddening and the leaves are dropping off the pecan trees in the cool fall breezes.  What a wonderful time of year to enjoy Georgia’s perfect climate. Those cool breezes are also a sign of bad things to come – Fall Pest Invaders!  As the nights get cooler and cooler there are several pests that start seeking harbor in our houses:

  • American Cockroaches – Some people call these Palmetto Bugs or Water Bugs.  But they are indeed Georgia’s largest species of cockroach.  They are reddish brown in color and move very fast if agitated.  They are not equipped to fly.  However, they are excellent gliders.  They usually come inside as singles – you don’t see large numbers of them.  However, because of their size they usually create quite a stir when observed.
  • House Centipedes – This centipede has 15 pairs of legs and is very commonly confused with silverfish because they each have very long delicate legs and its silvery-brown color.  This pest actually feeds on other insects so it is beneficial.  However, because of its menacing appearance and surprising speed people usually refuse to allow it shelter in their homes.  They are usually seen in basements and bathrooms.
  • Silverfish – This pest gets its name because of its color (silvery-blue to black) and because of the way it moves.  It has a very fluid movement – making it look like it is swimming.  Silverfish are notorious to feed on books and photo albums.  They feed on the glue in the bindings and the sticky photo album pages.  They generally prefer dark areas but can be seen almost anywhere inside.

Don’t let these cool weather invaders pester you and your family.  Hole-In-One Pest Solutions Protection Programs will make sure they never see the inside of your home.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones is a 21 year industry veteran, with experience in management, sales and being a pest control technician. After a successful career in three of the largest termite and pest control companies in the southeast, he realized his dream of starting his own business. Now his years of knowledge and expertise are used to provide the high-quality pest control services Hole-In-One is known for.