We can help with that. Hole-In-One Pest Solutions termite treatment comes with a damage repair warranty that is transferable to the new owner at no extra fee. We are also a licensed contractor, so we can help with repairs. We guarantee our work and offer a fair and reasonable price.

The report can only be used for 45 days from the date of inspection. However, the inspection is not a warranty against future infestation.

You should call for a pre-inspection when you’re getting ready to list a house. Hole-In-One Pest Solutions can also submit a competitive estimate for repairs and/or treatment, if necessary.

The results should be almost immediate in most cases. If you experience problems between regular services, just give us a call and we will send your representative out at no additional charge.

No, once the interior and exterior initial service has been performed, an exterior Prevention Program is initiated to provide on-going, long-term protection.

Swarming termites have pigmented bodies with broad waists and two pair of wings that are equal in size and shape. Winged ants have pinched waists and two pair of wings that differ in size and shape (front pair is large, hind pair is much smaller). Collect a few and have them identified by a Hole-In-One Pest Solutions Representative.

Some communities do spray for mosquitos, but usually just in drainage ditches when an infestation problem is imminent. This kind of treatment is limited in effectiveness because sewers, streams, creeks, and your back yard remain untreated.

Yes, through the use of exclusion devices like galvanized screen and door guards. Rats can enter through holes as small as one half of an inch, and mice can enter through openings half that size (i.e. one quarter of an inch). This makes it important to note that the smaller the pest, the more challenging it is to seal off all the points of entry. When sealing a home against rodents, it’s important to do it after all the rodents have been eliminated, so as not to trap them inside. Once Hole-In-One Pest Solutions has achieved this, it’s important to identify any existing or potential points of entry (i.e. access points). These are then sealed with 1/4″ galvanized screen (eg. soffits, pipe openings and obvious cracks and crevices around a structure).

There are a couple of different ways we can deal with mice in your home. The first is through the use of a conventional mouse trap. Hole-In-One Pest Solutions technicians are experienced in where to safely but effectively place traps throughout your home, and through a series of follow-up visits, we can customize your program to eradicate the mice in your home. Alternatively, we can install tamper-resistant bait stations that contain a rodenticide bait. These stations would be placed in areas safe from small children and pets, but accessible to mice. Either treatment comes with a warranty.

No. Roaches can be eliminated, but reinfestation can occur, depending on the species and where your home is located. Roaches continually try to enter structures, so it’s important that your home be treated with a regular preventative program.

Not usually.

In their natural state, termites eat fallen logs and stumps off the forest floor. Unfortunately, they cannot distinguish the difference between fallen trees and your home. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, termites infest millions of homes nationwide, causing over 750 million in damages annually.

Once a colony is established, termites are a year-round problem. However, there is an increase in colony expansion activity during warm weather.

Termites can enter your home through foundation cracks, plumbing and electrical service entry points. An inside inspection is needed to check baseboards, wall coverings and your plumbing penetrations.

Another great benefit of low toxicity chemicals is virtually odorless pest control.

Actually, what we do is offer inspections that can identify any pest problems that could be potentially dangerous to your home or health. From the initial inspection visit, Hole-In-One Pest Solutions professionals can offer estimates for pest specific treatments that are the safest and least disruptive to your home. Whether your concern is pest related or even keeping wildlife away, inspections are the best way to gather piece of mind in knowing that your home is, and will remain pest free!