22 04, 2014

Do you guarantee your work?

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21 04, 2014

What if we need treatment and/or repairs?

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We can help with that. Hole-In-One Pest Solutions termite treatment comes with a damage repair warranty that is transferable to [...]

20 04, 2014

How long is the wood infestation report valid?

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The report can only be used for 45 days from the date of inspection. However, the inspection is not a [...]

19 04, 2014

When should we order a pre-inspection?

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You should call for a pre-inspection when you’re getting ready to list a house. Hole-In-One Pest Solutions can also submit [...]

18 04, 2014

When can I expect to see results from a professional pest control service?

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The results should be almost immediate in most cases. If you experience problems between regular services, just give us a [...]