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Are you looking for a pest control company to deal with your Acworth Mice Infestation?

We’re the best at what we do. Our team of experts has been helping homeowners and businesses solve their pest problems since 2008. We offer a large variety of pest management solutions for residential and commercial areas. Hole-In-One Pest Solutions will be able to help with any type of rodent problem that you may have, including mice infestation.

You can rest assured knowing that we use integrated pest management when dealing with all types of pests. Some of the integrated pest management (IPM) Procedures:

  • Assess the situation and identify conducive conditions for pests
  • Identify pests and any related damage
  • Evaluate sanitation practices and structural problems which may contribute to pest infestation
  • Customize a pest treatment and control program best suited for your home

Mice are typically active at night when it's dark

Mice are primarily active at dusk and dawn. During periods of extreme temperatures or inclement weather, mice may be active during the daytime hours as well. Mice adapt easily to their environment; if you see them during daylight, it may indicate that there's an increased population in and around your home or business

Mice can squeeze through gaps as small as 1/4 inch, so they're able to get inside your home.
Mice can squeeze through gaps as small as one-quarter of an inch. They are able to access the interior of your home by entering through openings around pipe, window screens, vents, dryer ducts, cracks in concrete foundation walls, masonry block walls, and virtually any space large enough for mice to fit into

If there are open spaces and you think you might have a mouse infestation or the beginnings of one. It is a good idea to plug up as many possible holes that you can see

You may not know you have mice until you see droppings or notice an unpleasant odor coming from your walls.
Since mice are prey animals they are professionals at remaining under the radar. They will go out of their way to avoid any activity that might attract attention from even more dangerous animals. You'll know you have mice living in your walls when you start to notice droppings, a musky smell, and a general lack of cleanliness where they are living. Even if you are cleaning up every day

If you think that you might have a mouse problem its best to call the experts at Hole-In-One Pest Solutions

For any potential mouse infestations, Hole in One Pest Solutions has got your back. We'll help you reclaim the peace of mind that is rightfully yours and get rid of these pesky pests once for all! The staff at Hole in One Pest Solutions are happy to answer any question or concern our valued customers might have about their home situation with this common household problem. For Hole-In-One Pest Solutions is the Acworth Mice Infestation expert that you need.

Call us today at (770) 445-2215 or feel free to fill out our contact us form and one of our licensed professionals will assist you with all your pest control needs.


“I have a local food service establishment and had used the same local guy for a long time, but had began to develop some problems. I hired Hole-In-One Pest Solutions and felt comfortable with the explanation of what Treatment they would use and the best approach in my type situation, and I was pleasantly surprised, that after that single application, I haven’t seen a single thing. Very Impressive."

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Jeff & Kaisha

Dallas, GA

We have recommended this awesome company to family and friends. Why? Simply Tony and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and fast. One of the newest technician is Mr. Aaron Marshall, he serviced out home today and he to met the high standards that was set years ago by Tony. Hole-In-One totally rocks.


Kim M.

Hiram, GA

“I recently had Tony with Hole-In-One Pest Solutions to my home for pest control. I had recently fired my previous company and was a little uncertain about what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of time he spent not only treating, but explaining what he did and why. Very good experience. I would recommend this company any day.”


David G.

Kennesaw, GA

“Tony, I want to say thank you so much for your company and your commitment to excellence in the area of pest control. My wife and I have a peace and sleep well at night knowing that our home is protected both inside and out from insects. I highly recommend your company to my friends, family, and to all that needs protection from these pests that can overrun a home and cause so much damage. Thank you so much for your integrity and standing behind your product one hundred percent.”


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