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Anthony Jones is a 21 year industry veteran, with experience in management, sales and being a pest control technician. After a successful career in three of the largest termite and pest control companies in the southeast, he realized his dream of starting his own business. Now his years of knowledge and expertise are used to provide the high-quality pest control services Hole-In-One is known for.
24 11, 2011

Termites Remain Active Even in Winter

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Termites remain active year round, even during the winter. In cooler climates, subterranean termites typically move deeper into the ground [...]

15 11, 2011

Fall Temperatures Bring Fall Pest Invaders

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The maple trees are reddening and the leaves are dropping off the pecan trees in the cool fall breezes.  What [...]

15 11, 2010

Tips on How to Keep Pests Out of the Home

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Most people believe that a bug free home is a good home. This article discusses several ways that a person [...]

8 11, 2010

Information About Stink Bug Infestation

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In October 2009, large aggregations of an insect (M. cribraria) commonly referred to as the kudzu bug, bean plataspid, lablab [...]

7 10, 2010

Key Traits of Rodent Infestation in the Home

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Mouse control is one of the most common services provided by Georgia exterminators (and by exterminators throughout the world, for [...]