Spring Termite Swarmers: How to Prepare for Termite Season

termite swarmers

The first official day of spring is Sunday, March 20th (the earliest arrival of spring of our lifetime so far in the Northern Hemisphere, according the the Old Farmer’s Almanac). This is also the first official day of termite season! Termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year in the U.S. Don’t let…

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Recognizing the signs of “Termite Swarms”

Are You Ready For Termite Season? Spring weather is the start of what we refer to as the beginning of “termite season“. Termite season is when termite swarms begin to emerge from their colonies in search of a new colony and a mate. They look for the perfect place with: moisture cellulose food source soil Seeing swarms…

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Mosquito Prevention Tips

10 Ways To Prevent Mosquito Bites March 4, 2016 Mosquito, Pest Control Comments: 0 Mosquito season in the south is here! Yes, we know what you’re thinking…so soon? We usually get one pleasant month of spring before mosquitoes start biting. But with the unpredictable, on-again, off-again warm weather we’ve had all winter, it’s really no surprise…

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Mosquitos and the Zika Virus

Mosquito Pest Control

According to the AJC and the State Department of Public Health, the first case of Zika virus in Georgia was confirmed today by Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s believed the affected individual contracted the virus while traveling to Columbia between the end of December and January, and has fully recovered. Zika, a virus…

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