Termites Still Active in Winter Months

Termite Infestation

Are termites at work in your home? Last week we experienced a number of active termite calls on par with the summer months. We saw moderate to severe damage and evidence of the preparations termites make for the “swarm season” which is the reproductive season for the Eastern Subterranean Termite. Eastern Subterranean Termites The Eastern…

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Roach Infestations Can Be Health Hazard

Roaches Pest Control Solution

The Turner family’s rental home in Rossville, Georgia, recently became infested with roaches. The family has had to deal with the pests crawling over walls, climbing into food and dirtying dishes. Heather Turner said she has found the roaches everywhere and believes her landlord should call pest control services to eradicate the bugs. The landlord,…

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Kudzu Bug Possible Threat This Winter

Kudzu Bugs Pest Solutions

As the weather grows colder, many insects will enter people’s homes in search of warmth and shelter. A new pest that could enter homes this winter is the kudzu bug. A native of East Asia, the bug was first found on kudzu plants in north central Georgia in 2009. At first, it was thought to…

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Continuing Pest Control For Winter

Rats Pest Solutions

The pests that we are used to seeing in the warmer months have seemed to go into hiding.  Your home seems to be clear of insects like ants, silverfish, and termites and you’re not swatting away at mosquitoes every time you walk out the door.  So do you really need to continue your pest control throughout…

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Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Pest Control Hole In One Pest Solutions

Bed Bugs infestations have returned with a vengeance!  Major metropolitan areas around the nation are experiencing an alarming growth of reports of bedbugs.  Because of their biology and behavior they are extremely difficult to control.  Here are some basic facts about bedbugs and why they are so hard to control. They are nocturnal and exhibit…

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